A Wanted Man

A Wanted Man


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It’s down to fathers and fatherhood.

Ben Bracken, ex-soldier, has just got out of Strangeways, but not by the front door.

With him, he has his ‘insurance policy’ – a bag of evidence that will guarantee his freedom, provided he can keep it safe. And he has money, carefully looked after by a friend, Jack Brooker.

Rejected by the army, disowned by his father and any hopes of parenthood long since shattered, Ben has no anchors in his life – no one to keep him steady. No one to stop his cause…

The plan: to wreak justice on the man who had put him in prison in the first place… Terry ‘The Turn-Up’ Masters, a nasty piece of work, whose crime organisation is based in London.

But before he can get started on his mission, another matter is brought to his attention. Jack’s father has been murdered and he will not rest until the killers are found. Ben finds himself becoming more and more involved in helping Jack.

In the process, Ben is drawn into the fold of Manchester’s most notorious crime organisation – the Berg – the very people he wants to bring down.

And then there’s the story, now a legend – The Baby And The Brandy.

Robert Parker’s action-packed and fast-paced story will keep you turning the pages and Manchester is evocatively portrayed, as Ben races around the city seeking vengeance.

Robert Parker lives in a village close to Manchester. He has degrees in law and in film and media production, and has worked in numerous employment positions, ranging from solicitor’s agent (essentially a courtroom gun for hire), to a warehouse picker, a van driver, and commercial video director. Robert wrote the first draft of The Wanted Man in 2013 and sequels are already in the pipeline.

For more information please visit www.robertparkerauthor.com

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